With Pat's Laser Cuttings I cut buildings and scenery Accessories for Miniature Wargaming out of MDF or Cardboard.

If you spent so much time, love and energy into the building and painting of your miniature models and army's, you also want them to be on the table in such a beautiful environment possible.

Scenery with the best possible detail and no or minimal visible "click-connections" and for example the roofs of my buildings always finished with a roof in relief and not just with a laser line drawn tiles or shingles.

Because of the small-scale approach, there is also room for more than just the standard work.
You are looking for something specific?

A special building or accessories? I do designs on request, which I gladly consult with you how you would have done something.

Do you have questions about products or do you want to get information about the possibilities of design or want to order directly send a message via the "contact form" at the Uper Right corner of the Blog page

All products supplies unassembled and unpainted. Any figure models on pictures are for scale purposes only and are not part of the product.

vrijdag 5 februari 2016

The easy way to build a pallet

Push out the parts from the back side of the MDF sheet

Use normal PVA woodglue for glueing the part together, applyed with a small brush

Start with one cross bar in the middle of two boards.

Let it briefly dry. Then glue the other two cross bars.

Turn the pallet and stick two boards in the middle

Then stick the two outer planks on one side.

Turn the pallet and stick the last two boards

The Pallet is now ready to use in your Games !
Have Fun with it